Hoàn Kiếm Lake

Yesterday i went to buy a another battery for my camera. The shop is near a Hoàn Kiếm lake. Hoàn Kiếm lake mean lake of restored sword, also known as Hồ Gươm – Sword lake. The lake is in the historical center of Hanoi, the capital of my country – Vietnam. The name of lake originated in legend.

According to the legend, emperor Lê Lợi handed the magic sword back to Golden Turle God (Kim Qui) in lake which helped him win a his revolt against the Chinese Ming Dynasty. As a result, the lake rename present name. The lake was formarly known as Lục Thủy meaning Green water.Image

At the corner of the lake

And you can see the Turle Tower is tanding on a small island near the centre of the lake which link to the legend.


Turle Tower

There is the Temple of the Jade Mountain (Ngọc Sơn Temple) on the Jade island near Norther shore of lake. It was erected in 18th centery to honor the 13-centery military leader Trần Hưng Đạo.



The Jade island is connected to the shore by the wooden red painted the Huc bridge meaning the Morning Sunsight Bridge.


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