Normal life 90_ The sea

Normal life 90_ The sea

By thuytrang

Normal life 89_Prenn waterfall

If you go to Da Lat, you can’t skip Prenn waterfall. It is situated right at the foot of Prenn Pass, about 10 km from the center of Dalat city. According to the language of Cham people, Prenn means “the land of invasion”. This waterfall looks like a water-curtain pouring from 10 meters high down to a small valley

 like a water-curtain

The waterfall is 8m high, it falls from the high rock above. So, if you stand at the bottom of the waterfall and look up, it is like the waterfall down from the sky
bottom of the waterfall and look up


There is telpher, you can try with it to see all this waterfall from above. This is bridge lead to telpher.



Because this is dry season, there is a few water, but it is still very beautiful :))

By thuytrang

Normal life 88_lonely in the forest

It is actually a interesting experience. When I went down to leave a Dray Sap waterfall, I found another way, it is not the way which I entered. I were very curious, I decided to try this way. First, there are green trees.


I went…and continued going…but now it was a forest with dry trees.


Nobody was here, everything was silent, no bird, no green tree, only wind roar. I felt fear but I still continued because I went far away from old place. I thought there was a forest fire.


I went about 300m more, I see a small house. I were actually very happy, god bless, i saw a gate.
Now I were sitting here to write and recall, it is very interesting…))

By thuytrang

Normal life 87_Datanla waterfall

Datanla waterfall is located in Lam Đong province, 5 km from downtown of Đa Lat


instead of walking down to Datanla Waterfall in Da Lat, you can now take toboggans on rails from the top of the cliff.


But I wanted to enjoy the scene two side, so i walked to the waterfall. It is actually so far, i felt tired.


And in return, i can touch and see some flower,…amazing..:X

WOW, I saw it. At the foot of the waterfall, Datanla stream flows slowly through cliffs and flow onto the deep hole called deadly abyss located betwen 2 vertical cliff with the height of over 40 m

Fantastic!!! If you stand near it you can enjoy splashes of water over your face.



Have a nice weekend!!!

By thuytrang

Normal life 81_ Silence

Normal life 81_ Silence

i got up at 5 am to go this lake. At that time, it was still dark but only more 15 minute, everything was almost clear. A amazing feeling appeared in my mind. I hoped this feeling last forever..:))

By thuytrang