Normal life 87_Datanla waterfall

Datanla waterfall is located in Lam Đong province, 5 km from downtown of Đa Lat


instead of walking down to Datanla Waterfall in Da Lat, you can now take toboggans on rails from the top of the cliff.


But I wanted to enjoy the scene two side, so i walked to the waterfall. It is actually so far, i felt tired.


And in return, i can touch and see some flower,…amazing..:X

WOW, I saw it. At the foot of the waterfall, Datanla stream flows slowly through cliffs and flow onto the deep hole called deadly abyss located betwen 2 vertical cliff with the height of over 40 m

Fantastic!!! If you stand near it you can enjoy splashes of water over your face.



Have a nice weekend!!!

By thuytrang

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